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from 5 April EU anti-dumping case final only two weeks, but the euro's highest amount of anti-dumping case outcome is still unpredictable. On Wednesday, the European Commission of permanent representatives vetoed a 16.5% tax on Chinese shoes, and the final result will be voted by the European Council of ministers in October 5th. although the current situation of China shoes favorable, but the industry cautious attitude to the final. 20 local time, the European Commission of permanent representatives (COREPER) voted on 16.5% of China's shoes anti-dumping duties on the program. The ambassador to the European Union participating in the vote rejected the plan by 14 votes against, 9 votes in favour and 2 abstentions. the European Commission spokesman said that the EU Council of ministers in the case will be 5 next month on the final vote, by the members of trade ministers voting results to determine the final results. : on Wednesday's vote, the Nordic countries such as the United Kingdom, Holland and Sweden voted against, while Italy and France insisted on "punishing Chinese shoes". Italy footwear manufacturers even complained that 16.5% of anti-dumping duties were not severe enough to protect the interests of 850 thousand European Union footwear workers. under the strong demand of Italy, the EU ministerial vote, which was supposed to be held next Monday, was postponed to 5 next month. Italy believes it will take more time to coordinate the big differences between its members before the final vote. industry insiders told the Shanghai Oriental Morning Post reporter, the current situation of China shoes more favorable -- -- if the plan is still in the final vote veto, leather case is to be final with no measures of closing ", Chinese leather shoes will be exempted from anti-dumping duties. people close to the Ministry of Commerce will be wary of Chinese shoes from the EU's anti-dumping "big stick". The source told reporters that the current EU importers is more optimistic, but some members still swing, previously voted against Austria has clearly changed his vote. for now, the $760 million leather shoes case has risen to the political level. In the vote last week of the European Union's anti-dumping Advisory Committee, 25 member states voted against the tax proposal by 14 votes. In the face of serious disagreement, the cheap air jordans final vote of the case rose from the job level to the Political Council of the European union. Ministry of Commerce revealed to reporters, because) if one day, someone tells you suddenly, Lenovo will not be a computer, and Haier will not produce appliances, you will certainly say, "how can this be possible?"" Indeed, when people see from the media will be sold throughout the footwear industry Senda group, the first reaction is "how can this be?" November 13, 2007, BELLE international one 1 billion 600 million yuan acquisition of Jiangsu Senda group all footwear assets "of the announcement we awakened, Sendashonga from fright, the most Chinese in Jiangsu eye" Lenovo "," Haier "as the" big boss "and" China first shoe king ", it will bid farewell to shoes the. Development of Jiangsu Senda group, which is a successful history of private enterprises in Jiangsu. 1977, Zhu Xianggui led the 6 villagers, the production team had founded the pigsty, Jianhu County two leather shoes factory, which is the predecessor of Jiangsu Senda group. from 1977 to 1987, after 10 years of hard work, leather shoes factory began to take shape, and entered the top three shoes in Jiangsu footwear industry. from 1987 to 1991, borrow "Shanghai China" brand leather shoes brand OEM production, products into the country's top 100 shopping malls. was founded in 1991, Senda Footwear Company Limited, the introduction of technology and equipment, the products into the international market. 1992, Sendashonga brand raised the banner, all honor China footwear industry. began in 1993, Sendashonga became the world's largest single shoe manufacturing enterprises, with 1 A Well-Known Trademark in China, 2 China brand, 5 national Mianjian products, production and sales for 12 consecutive years ranked the first peer. And by the State Bureau of technical supervision, the China Quality Inspection Association, the National Standardization Center for footwear as "China's first shoe king."". in October 2007, as one of the representatives of private entrepreneurs in Jiangsu, Zhu Xianggui participated in the Seventeenth Congress of the party. Both the Senda group, or Zhu Xianggui, has become a banner of the private economy in Jiangsu. Jiangsu is also a proud Senda group. said that although the merger does not mean Senda's defeat, but all the people care about Sendashonga still can not help but ask: many yea Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale rs of hard work to become the "China shoe king", "shoes" Sendashonga why sell? Don't make shoes Sendashonga after what can be done? Is a storm or a distraught warrior? Sold out the shoes, is not the Senda self redemption? 2 billion 200 million was acquired news came too suddenly. When the media was reported as one of the representatives of the Jiangsu Senda Group Chairman Zhu Xianggui at the back, when the speech around, a notice on the front page of the main domestic financial media: BELLE International's acquisition of Senda group's assets shoes, which Senda group withdrew from the famous shoes manufacturing industry. ) : Air Jordan 2 continues to appear again this week, the new color is coming this week. Air Jordan 3 bursting lines, Air, Jordan, 4In the end, Air Jordan ink 4 dark blue purple, three classic elements build a new Air Jordan 2 Retro, . 385475-153 is on sale in May 10th. Nike this year on Air Yeezy 2 is sweeping the whole fashion, believe that as long as heard the news about it, you will attract the attention of many, it seems now it has become one of the indispensable symbol of Sneaker circle. But if you think this pair of so many people dream of super shoes will have third colors available? According to the latest reliable news on the Internet, it is already in the works and is nearing completion. It is scheduled to be available at some time in 2013. If all these rumors are true, then it is not far away from the second great disorder under heaven.Air Jordan 17+ "Copper" will be on sale at 2016-04-06 15:44:52 the Air Jordan 17+ "Copper" will be on sale this Saturday. As the improvement of the update, the shoes not only retains the classic paragraph of the original flavor, but also a bit of a new trend of fashion, it seems to be a pair of shoes with a sense of age. According to the current situation, the sale price of shoes in some shops has been slightly higher than the sale price, it can be seen that the shoes are still very popular, and the difficulty should not be low, so interested friends should pay more attention to it. The number of shoes: 832816-122 price: 1599RMB. Reebok Answer 42013 all star series exposure 2013-12-08 23:04:03 Reebok originally expected to launch this in the near future All-Star weekend; Reebok Answer 42013 all star series, but due to some reasons, can not be sold on schedule, very regrettable. This series cont cheap jordans ains red and blue two Answer 4, using litchi skin and suede mixed to create shoes, very beautiful.ID Nike KD6 contests recent version summary 2013-12-08 23:33:58 Not long ago, Nike Basketball officially announced the sixth generation of personal Durant boots & nbsp; Nike KD6, while Nike iD also the first time launched a KD6 of iD business. The majority of fans have also iD build up their own KD6 & nbsp; iD version, today Xiaobian summary of a variety of exciting KD6 iD recent version, you may wish to enjoy something. NBA veteran festival arena ten wonderful shoes review 2013-12-08 23:57:27 This weekend marks the US Veterans Day, this festival commemorates US veterans made a contribution to national life. In the NBA, the players will be wearing on the day of the special equipment and accessories, in order to echo the theme of the festival. Therefore, this two-day NBA, wonderful shoes constantly, although not all players have conditions put on brand launched its Veterans Day special color shoes, but the players are determined to always be able to pick out their own shoes to match the theme. Today small for everyone 10 wonderful shoes during the festival offer the veteran NBA arena. No.10 & nbsp; Cousins ??- Nike LeBron 11 "Terracotta Warriors" No.9 & nbsp; Turner - & nbsp; Li-Ning Seek No.8 Nick Young - Air Jordan 3 "Fear" No.7 & nbsp; Westbrook - Air Jordan 28 SE & quot; Veterans Day & quot; No.6 Lorry - & nbsp; PEAK & nbsp; Lowry series No.5 & nbsp; Monta Ellis - Air Jordan 23 & nbsp; - No.4 Carmelo Anthony - Jordan Melo 9 & quot; Veterans Day & quot; No.3 & nbsp; UA Team - & nbsp; Under Armour Anatomix Spawn "Veterans Day" No.2 Wade & nbsp; Liningweide Road 2 & quot; camouflage & quot; No.1 DeRozan - & nbsp; Nike Foamposite Pro & quot; Camo & quot; Air Jordan 3 Retro new color exposure 2014-02-24 21:01:55 In addition to the upcoming releases of & nbsp; Air Jordan 3 "Powder Blue", a few days ago on the network also exposed a new color in the & nbsp; Air Jordan 3 Retro. The & nbsp; Air Jordan 3 shoes in white constitute the main tone, black and gray crack explosion places rendered as plain black tongue and lining create. Internet rumors this & nbsp; Air Jordan 3 will be on sa cheap air jordans le on March 8, but that date also before the exposure of & nbsp; Air Jordan 3 "Katrina" on sale the same day, is true, remains to be further confirmed. British football player Kyle? Walker guarding the field of defense, Field Collection Air Max 2015-03-24 14:09:34 In the UK football player Kyle & middot; Walker's opinion, the heart where the home is where it is. Of course, the system continues to expand his sneakers collections is his heart. Walker admitted it, he said:. ".. I've always had a feeling sneakers This is my personal habits I think this habit from my mother" This entrenched thinking created his childhood obsession for shoes. In his hometown of Sheffield, he will always do our best to picking new shoes. Walker particular favorite Air Max 90, it is his shoe Nike Air into a visual world. Walker said: "Everybody used to try new, want to wait to get the latest color I remember, I used to go to a friend's house, knock on their door and asked, 'Can I borrow your shoes do.? 'I'm afraid to wear their own bad "& nbsp;. Walker has a memorable room, devoted to the storage of sports shoes. One of the cabinet stood many baby wipes. After each pass through the sneakers, he would carefully wipe clean, almost back to the way it bought time. Walker continued: "In fact, this is not a sad story or any other sense but in my growing up, I have something not many so my mother always said, 'To treat items there. respect of the heart, the life of these items will be longer 'So this is what I have been trying to do "& nbsp;.. & nbsp; With the small town into a metropolis star hero, sports shoes are also constantly upgrading, but the Air Max 90 is still his favorite, Language British metropolis, so the shoes of choice also increasingly bolder . & Nbsp; Walker said: "19 years old to leave Sheffield to London, I found here (sneakers culture) is more intense, and more fancy sneakers Here you can see a variety of styles, people. play shoe pattern also varies. So I gradually began to like some of the eye-catching bold style. " For Walker is, Air Max is not only a declaration of their own unique style. This is a representative of his own country shoes, its meaning is equivalent to the flag. & Nbsp; "As they say, Air Max is a characteristic of having a London sports shoes. So put on this shoe can feel that he is from the United Kingdom, and there jordan 3 katrina 2018 fore always always choose Air Max."In addition to the earlier introduction of Suede Classic+ series, the famous sports brand PUMA also created this new color matching Brasil Football Vintage shoes for spring and summer this year. The design in this year's World Cup held in Brazil to flag for inspiration, and on the basis of its simple low profile, the use of high-quality green suede shoes which, yellow and blue with sideways inside embellishment, finally do the old texture of the sole is equipped with. The shoes are expected to be officially on sale in mid April, and is currently available for pre order through atmos, priced $9720 yen. 0.jpg (78.19 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2014-3-31 21:04 upload 2014, spring and summer11_201003130105521cQzF.jpg (59.87 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2010-3-13 08:55 upload has closed the Japanese brand Number (N) ine designer Miyashita Takahiro in cooperation with Converse, was designed in the spring of 2010 shoes series, including the Chuck Taylor All Star and One Star etc.. Designer Miyashita Takahiro said "my childhood was started by Converse." In Number (N) ine officially into the history of the occasion, Miyashita Takahiro Converse chose to work jointly to end, I believe that Converse for the design of the road station to station to explain the head end point is suitable at all. The rough surface of leather as anti fabric shoes, perhaps the cooperation in a series of LAST ONE, the nature of the memorial is greater than the real meaning of wear, each pair of price 140 dollars, in March 13th to sell limited stores. 11_2010031301055224kkA.jpg (81.17 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2010-3-13 08:55 upload 11_201003130105523JjQj.jpg (112 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2010-3-13 08:55 upload 11_201003130105524rd0T.jpg (80.21 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2010-3-13 08:55 upload 11_201003130105525jjlA.jpg (116.3 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2010-3-13 08:55 upload 11_201003130105526c3LT.jpg (83.46 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2010-3-13 08:55 upload 〉& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; December 17, general manager Xu Zhihua, Peak Group boarded a flight from Beijing to the cheap foamposites for sale United States, the purpose of his visit is to re-sign a NBA star as Olympic spokesman. Although the United States has been the destination of flights devastated. enter the NBA "We basically did not affected by the financial crisis. On the contrary, we have accelerated the pace of development." Zhi-Hua Xu's father, told the chairman of the Peak Group Jingnan reporter. In the early 1980s, Quanzhou Jiaoxie Chang business is booming, inspired, get involved in the different sectors of Xu Jing Nan began to look into the shoe, then he took aim at the Nike shoe factory in Quanzhou. And other parties may have the intention of financing the plant built after Jingnan Nike factory in Quanzhou has moved. Xu Jing Nan decide their own shoes, with a number of original Nike factory based staff, Peak born. It is this experience, so Jingnan more profound understanding of the crisis than others. Xu Jing Nan memories have such a thing, and co-signed by the United States need to go to the NBA, Olympic company a pedestrian to the US Consulate in Guangzhou visa. "I say we brought to the NBA, the embassy also said NBA sponsor you? I took the photo to them, they still did not believe." Xu Jing Nan was refused. Since then, he secretly resolved, be sure to let the Olympic become a world-class brand. 2005 In December 2009, a cost of $ 4,000,000 and Olympic Yao Ming played for the Houston Rockets signed two years, the NBA became the first to break into the Chinese sports brand. 2007 Peak became an official NBA marketing partner, then signed a US national team star Shane? Battier, becoming the first signing "Dream Seven" team active players in China sports brand. Battier will wear Olympic sports shoes in the NBA game. In 2008, it has become an official partner of the Olympic NBA basketball caravan - which is touring NBA's top interactive fan activities. NBA good brand reputation greatly enhanced the focus on doing the Olympic basketball equipment brand, which makes the opportunity to Pick With rapid development. 10 million people backing and other sports brand sponsorship of events and athletes abroad in order to nurture the domestic market it is not the same, Peak is a real wish to expand the international market. "Like in the Middle East, Africa is our focus on expanding market." Xu Jing Nan said. Peak now has been basically completed the network rollout in Asia, Europe, South America, Oceania and other major national markets. At the end, the Olympic Order was held with industry in a historical significance will be - "Pick global new autumn and winter 2008 conference and orders will be." The reason why the name "global", according to Xu Zhihua's argument is "greatly enhanced the confidence of domestic and foreign distributors." The order will be in addition to the conventional domestic agents and distributors to attend the meeting, there are more than 40 dealers from more than a dozen major countries in Asia, Europe, Oceania and the Americas attended. This time, the Olympic is already NBA, WNBA official marketing partner, is the Bucks, Rockets official sponsor. But also the Iraqi Olympic Committee, the Cyprus Olympic Committee partners, in addition, also sponsored Iraqi Olympic Soccer Team, the Australian basketball team, sponsored the Stankovic Cup and European basketball All-Star Game. China's huge consumer market, the ability to not only make China immune from the global economic crisis, but also makes Chinese consumer goods companies can sit back and relax. And the fight against international brand strategy to attack compared Pick domestic strategy is more detailed, and more precise. Peak in the country among major cities with more than 3,000 stores, has established a mature combination of brand marketing operating system. "Now the second and third tier cities is the main direction of our efforts." Xu Jing Nan said. With respect to the strong first-tier cities in several major international sports giant, second and third tier cities are full of opportunities. Such growth for the Olympic brand, occupying second and third tier cities are the same as having a future. But this does not mean they give up big city. "I figured that needs 50 million into Shanghai, into Beijing needs at least a million." Xu Jing Nan has put the clothes on the R & D base in Guangzhou, shoes R & D base in Beijing. As part of its strategy, the next step, he also intends to move the administrative headquarters from Quanzhou, Xiamen. The only way to form a sufficiently attractive for high-end talent. Because the basis for everything, every Olympic related and product quality. Pick one hand actively recruiting, while actively seek Hong Kong listing. In 2008, sales totaled 18 million Peak, 2009 goal is 30 million. Capital master Shen Peng optimistic about this local Chinese sports brand, he's Sequoia Capital accounted for 7.8% of the shares Peak. And Xu Jing Nan family shares up to 60%, this is a typical family business.Mom! I'm going to buy new shoes! Aaron · Gordon pierced Nike Hyperrev 2016 2016-02-25 10:36:51 Aaron · Gordon's stunning performance at the all star weekend dunk contest, so that the world can remember the player with the best physical quality. Violent play, let people worry about the ball box he will be off the hook, but! Yesterday when magic with the 76 game, the master did not break the ball at the foot of the box, but the shoes are worn out! I saw the double Hyperrev 2016 all split outside, insoles also flew out! Although the antagonism of NBA is very high, but the shoes can be dressed like this, it is really nobody! adidas Neo label, the world's first television advertising and interactive mobile phone APP 2013-12-08 22:33:33 prerelease release Adidas NEO Label, the world's first television advertising landing on September 15th the most fresh fan brand activities, invited all the young game player on television advertising, combined with the intelligent mobile phone APP "hit the fan"! DidAs NEO Label the world's first ad - "build your new fan", will be in Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Xiamen, Nanjing and other more than 200 national city debuted in September 15th, and a four week campaign. Ad montage in superimposed turns flash, Adidas NEO Label, a group dressed in young people in the seaside enjoy chasing play, background music is the famous Swedish garage punk band THE HIVES single "GO RIGHTAHEAD", with the style of advertising, personal independence of conduct to fully show find everything fresh and new feeling, the young with the brand and not sticking to formalities.with the fragment design series back into the public eye Qianwei Sock Dart running shoes design, each color will release a large number of the Palestinian fight berserk, one of the most popular this year shoe design is. Although the fragment design series has officially ended, the brand has decided to release more non - standard versions of the item while the heat is released, such as the first wave of this "Triple White" color scheme. 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