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& Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network - brand observation] Brazil World Cup Top 8 born in Adidas Nike, Puma and other sports brands jersey duel, Nike accounted for three seats, Adi accounted for 3 seats, LOTTO (Lotto) sponsored by Costa Rica , BURRDA (Qatar brand) sponsored the Belgian team into a windfall, a veteran Puma suddenly left behind. Sports giants after several rounds of fighting, the pattern has been the early. World Cup equipment from domestic charts on July 1, China's largest electricity supplier name sports shoes Library released, the adidas sponsored German team and the fans equipped with a total of 508 points king, which shows people's love for the German team. Spain, Argentina ranked second and third, adidas victory before taking the top three, but this company in the country to promote the brand and stocking a great relationship. In fact, in the World Cup contest, Adidas and Nike have equal shares, who captured the last 4 Hercules also strong Saihouminglang. Prior to the group stage in Spain, Portugal, England and other traditional strong teams sacked, so Adidas Nike huge losses. Originally "encircling the cities" Puma policy, after the Italian entrees drained, strength is not weak Uruguay, Switzerland, Chile, Algeria Puma continued with four outstanding eliminated 8, instantaneous nothing being done, most unfortunately. Adi old Sambo missing corner now Xinbao As an official sponsor of the World Cup, Adidas must take the strongest team, such as defending champion Spain, his country and the whole of Germany's most powerful, world number one Argentina have Messi, the market position of these treasures placed in that, It is to ensure the long-term sponsorship. Just did not expect Spain to crash so fast, but fortunately there are robust in Germany, Argentina supports the skin, but Colombia sprung immediate concern all the way to the quarter-finals, became the new spud Adidas team. Adidas sponsored team, although the number was reduced from the previous 12 to 9, in addition to outside the top three, Colombia, Japan, Mexico, Nigeria, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Russia, continent cheap foamposites for sale s layout, widely regarded as net of. Colombia, Mexico, Nigeria three teams in the group stages successfully, 9 spending five, 55.5% qualifying rate is good; the quarterfinals also cut the rate of 33.3%, ahead of Nike. It is worth noting that eight strong in Argentina, Belgium, Germany, France have the opportunity to go further, Adi seeded is expected to qualify for Top 4, the final rendezvous. Colombia hosts against Nike-sponsored Brazil, promotion difficult, but once cut Colombia, four occupy three seats, Adidas course sit back. From the point of view of advertising, the Macy Adi placed in the first position, especially in the hottest of the "holy war fighting boots" blockbusters, Macy center, Ram highlights, Harvey weakened, Suarez Baoya roar ... ... it seems to have heralded the outcome today. The top scorer in Adidas boots, especially fighting holy war boots very eye-catching, Messi, Muller, Robben, Van Persie, Benzema, Su God ...... firmly attract attention, very successful. World Cup stars in the library name shoes and equipment index, TOP10 players in eight Adi. This also led to fight holy war boots in domestic sales far exceeded expectations, not the end of the group stage, had sold out early in the library name shoes in major shops, a shoe hard to find. Nike lost two games to keep three strong Nike-sponsored Brazil, Netherlands, France, Portugal, England, Greece, Croatia, Australia, South Korea and the United States a total of 10 teams, the group qualify for the remaining half after the game, out of 50%, 8 in the rest of Brazil, the Netherlands, France three, advance rate of 30%. forecast 4 finals, Brazil and Colombia, France and Germany, Nike, Adidas, direct dialogue, the Nike team won smaller face; the Netherlands is expected to beat Costa Rica LOTTO sponsor, and then with the winning Adidas team play against Argentina, on the whole, Nike team final rendezvous full of difficult. Nike critical one betting England, especially from the World Cup, Nike, Umbro High snatch at the hands of England, high hopes, great loss. Another bet is Portugal, in the group of death also conceding the foamposites for cheap main players to leave C Luo led to a sharp decline in jersey sales chain reaction, losses. Nike From branding perspective, Nike's video marketing effect is very good, the global video hits the million times. Has been the C Ronaldo, Wayne Rooney, Franck Ribery placed in prominent positions, but Franck Ribery absent, C Ronaldo, Wayne Rooney each scored a goal only, team elimination, subsequent re-broadcast advertising, only playing hurt Neymar support the scene of the. However, even in England, Portugal was eliminated in the World Cup national library name shoes and equipment index, both teams were ranked in TOP7, TOP9, ranked Brazilian team returned in TOP5, to maintain high popularity. Other brands: a small broad, seek wealth and risk said major brands sponsor the team qualify for the rate, originally Puma 7 team has 4 team popped the group stage, Uruguay, Chile, Switzerland, Algeria, promotion rate of 57 percent, topped the three major brands, especially the most the potential of Uruguay, with the Soviet Union and strength greatly reduced tooth bite fined eight strong all out, failure to deduct, a great pity. World Cup equipment index name shoes library, Su teeth jersey sales index fell to ninth place, while many of the original fans of Uruguay equipment index after another TOP10. LOTTO (Lotto) only sponsored the Costa Rican team, actually 100% 8 in advance, Steal the big luck. Meanwhile, in the promotion of 4 strong battle, Costa Rica is not without strength against the Dutch, not small boo. LOTTO brand in the domestic Narulining group, go so far in the World Cup is definitely the brand's windfall. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional shoe News Media Partners: shoe & nbsp; clothing and shoes information.)Following the Air Jordan 11 Low "Citrus" after a classic retro color Air Jordan 1 Retro High GS "Phanton", the spotless white shoes, concise and lively, looks not pleasing to the eye ~ will the women like it? AIR JORDAN 1, RETRO HIGH "PHANTOM" color: White / gray number: 705296-022 Liberty and NSW continue to work together jordans on sale online to introduce new 2013 models for girls. The first exposure is Air Max 90. Is still a large floral pattern, but Liberty has brought us a different feeling. The shoes are brown and light suede with bright silk materials printed with pink floral patterns. The overall style is stunning and not overly glamorous. 2013-1-8 08:33 upload and download attachments (120.79 KB) 2013-1-8 08:33 upload download attachment (125.39, KB) Nike this season to develop more suitable for spring and summer wear new shoes Huarache Run Ultra BR Air Air Huarache Run based on the classical. This double white color recently released from the design of the large area with a breathable mesh chloroprene rubber shoes, synthetic material, plastic stent and a signature elastic straps, and equipped with comfortable white soles, and into the red embellishment in the insole and outsole. Priced at $$130. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- extended reading -- -- -- -- -- -- every day at six, on the way home from school, the 1626 WeChat public number makes you home! it's one of the most attractive Hairstyles for girls! can do so much for the team to take part in the marathon? Zhou Bichang? jerseys collocation! Sexy and unassuming you may have overlooked - - - - - - - - - - to the tide recommended - - - - - - - - - - Nike Benassi Print Slide black and red flowers Reebok LX8500 retro running shoes Nike, Air, Max, Zero, OG, color, will come back again, Air Max Day firepower! Offspring x ASICS Tiger GEL-Lyte V 20th anniversary joint commemorative shoes, design inspiration and the first store comments on last article: Nike Air Max Zero OG color will come back again, Air Max Day firepower! Next article: Offspring x ASICS Tiger GEL-Lyte V 20th anniversary joint commemorative shoes, design inspiration and the first store at the end of last weekend's NBA 2009 All Star game, Lebron James grand debut, for the first time to show us the new color of the Nike Zoom Lebron VI (6). We were also unable to confirm what is its design philosophy, with the NBA war xiewang Xiaobian collected more detailed picture, we can be sure that the new jordans shoes for sale shoe color concept from James was born in Ohio, akron. NIKE even further, Hickory, the name of the street where the king grew up, was included. The shoe vamp has a whole double LeBron was born Akron laser etched pattern for decoration, has a white pattern of the deep blue protective wrap, white shoes, white hook, deep blue in the bottom, the whole shoe is dotted with golden color, looks simple and fashionable. Will be in the United States recently three House of Hoops limited edition, detailed listing date, please pay attention to NBA battle shoes King follow-up wonderful reports. NBA great James, hometown Memorial shoes, Nike, Zoom, Lebron, VI, AkronLacoste, shallow boots comments on last article: NBA great James, hometown Memorial shoes, Nike Zoom Lebron VI Akron next article: Lacoste shallow bootsBoyJordan in the Nike Air Force 1 Low. dunksrnice in the Nike Roshe Run. Dwoodactennis in the Nike CJ81 Trainer. Gwar12 in the " Seattle" Air Jordan X. Chuck Norris is my Dad in the Nike LeBron X PS Drastic in the NSW Nike LeBron X EXT. LG703 in the Nike LeBron 8 V/2 Low. Arbys2k in the Nike Air Max 1 iD. Lemon_Diesel in the Air Jordan 4 Retro. KCBruins in the'Red Carpet'Nike Air Max LeBron VII. Mayo_once in the Stussy x Nike SB Dunk Low Pro. BamaBoy256 in the Nike Mayfly. DonJuan513 in the Nike Air Max Light VNTG. Lemon_Diesel in the Nike Zoom Spiridon. Thenewyen in the Nike Mayfly Woven. Arbys2k in the Nike Air〉in addition to animal series, Adidas Originals series of the flying wing is another favourite work Jeremy Scott. After this summer's "Butter& Bread" version, the new 2013 spring also entered our line of sight. Color and before all black compared somewhat low-key, but the paint is not always low-key style of the material, and the combination of black patent leather will be reflected with the texture of luxury. In the summer of 2015, Nike again paid tribute to Air Force 1 and shoe culture, launching the Air Force 1 High Nai Ke, with red cattle leather uppers and red soles, with white suede Swoosh and white Nike. The name "Chinese shoe design and improvement of Nike shoes continue to use Air Force High Nai Ke at the beginning of 1 narrow and low ridge last Nike logo.& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network - brand observation] Puma football series has been too long away from the Chinese market, so Puma soccer shoes diehard reluctantly but do nothing. This time with their revolutionary new Puma soccer shoes evoPOWER return to the Chinese market, can be described as absolutely exciting, more so that this pair of boots shoes fans looking forward to. Here we will take you to feel under a lot of this use of new technology power line soccer boots --PUMA evoPOWER 1. We have reviewed this evoPOWER series of top boots are boots --PUMA evoPOWER 1. First, from the looks of it, this can be said of the boots is absolutely dazzling, orange-red with bright primary colors of fluorescent yellow and ink blue Puma LOGO, in today's big fight color soccer shoe industry can be described as superior make. Netizens have been discussing width shoes look before, had been rumored online evoPOWER wide, but the physical point of view and experiences on foot, evoPOWER can only be said to be slightly wider, which is actually common for foot wide Chinese consumers It is good news. And another hot discussion more pointed toe, China is indeed a real problem for consumers exist. From the point of view of shoes weight, as a power system boots evoPOWER 1 can be so light indeed staggering, which is consistent with the trend of today's soccer shoe lightweight. Shoes can be so light, but also due to no major midsole design. The low power system boots no how to ensure its strength properties, which must mention the core technology GSF evoPOWER 1 (the full name GRADUAL STABILITY FRAME, progressive structural stability), to ensure that the shoes will not lose weight at the same time in power. In addition the use of the French Pebax outsole and lightweight nylon microfiber fabric shoes ADAPLITE face lightweight shoes also of great help. evoPOWER FG outsole 1, technology uses a mix nail, before the end of use of the shoes we called four nails (also known as cone nails), strengthen the flexibility of the shoe. We feel significantly stronger than the whole steering knife nail shoes in the process of actual, rather shoes in the front and rear end of the knife nail and ensures the grip and stability shoes. The new sole design mix nail in the basic guarantee to start at the same time for the steering of a substantial improvement. evoPOWER upper 1 with a new ADAPLITE microfiber fabric, its most notable feature is the excellent flexibility and softness, which gives us in the process of wearing the most obvious feeling is a strong sense of the parcel. Uppers are embedded in three-dimensional position of the main ball ACCUFOAM high density memory foam, which is evoPOWER 1 make a core technology. This high density memory foam technology similar to our daily said memory foam, when the external pressure being relatively minor, memory foam will be compressed as the pressure direction slowly, play the effect of absorbing impact, reducing vibration. When the memory foam under heavy and fast external pressure, strain it produces actually quite small, the impression is of a hard object in pressure. This technique is applied to the football shoes, we is not hard to imagine. In the process of stopping, if the technology used is reasonable to have a more significant help stopping. And the strong pass or shot in the process, the upper instant hard, through the power of shoes entirely passed to football. In addition, the distribution of memory foam also increases the friction on the ball. evoPOWER 1 Another big selling point is to have kicker have "play barefoot feeling" in the "barefoot" at the same time without loss of power and precision. And to have such a feeling that before we introduce several core technologies together results. GSF sole technology provide sufficient incremental reverse bending, ADAPLITE microfiber fabric uppers ensure good ductility, Pebax outsole lightweight nylon material to make reverse bending easier. This integrated operation of several technologies to the evoPOWER 1 "play barefoot feel" the shape becomes shot soccer shoes provide enough power. Because it is winter, we can only choose artificial grass in Beijing to carry out tests at the same time affected by low temperatures, so we feel in the actual evaluation process because the shoes deformation brought power is not very obvious, but compared to other Power line of shoes still some advantages. Overall evoPOWER 1 Puma technical team worthy of careful research and development for four years, from every point of view, are indeed superior. evoPOWER series was fully in the Chinese market in February, the long-silent diehard Puma soccer shoes can finally move. The Puma seemed inadvertently to evoPOWER series to take a Chinese name, we may wish to help Puma, what do you think is good Chinese name (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional shoe News Media Partner:?. Shoes famous global network fashion network)After the end of shock "Cherry Blossom" series, Nike WMNS Air Max 1 launched a low-key color "Jade Swoosh". Pure tone shoe made of mesh, leather and suede material constitute, and jade color Swoosh is refreshing. In addition shoes also in lace holes, tongue and heel embellishment of the little blue. The shoes can now be specified through the NSW store to buy, the price of $$100. source: footwearin addition to the earlier Pack Crackle series, Puma recently also for the Blaze Disc to create a new "Reflective" color. As the name suggests, this shoe is designed to use a large area of 3M reflective material to form a shoe body, under normal circumstances seems to be gray silver, in the light of the situation will show a dazzling light. As for the other design aspects also include a no lace system, a progressive body contour, as well as iconic TRINOMIC shoe soles system. Currently, this pair of shoes can be purchased through the Freaker Boutique Sneaker and other PUMA designated retailers, priced at $150 dollars. more the latest shoes running shoes, NBA anecdotes and sports knowledge, please pay attention to the most Niubi sports equipment community [when off], microblogging search "when off, micro channel search dunkhome and extra welfare wayward send. source: HB